Dec 21


It’s that time of year when I warn all healthcare practitioners that should you become involved with an alcohol, marijuana or substance abuse matter (criminal or employment) during the Holidays, call me first before you admit to anything. I can’t think of a single time when confessing to something before you talk to a lawyer ever helped. Do not listen to your well-intentioned but misinformed colleague, who will reflexively urge you to report yourself to HPRP. Your colleague is not an experienced, real-life lawyer—I am.

Nobody has mercy today. You don’t deserve to be destroyed. Don’t jump into a wood chipper. It is not at all unusual for novice drinkers to over celebrate during the Holidays and to become involved with law enforcement. Keep my phone numbers in your cell phone. My office number is (586) 598-4650 and my cell phone is (586) 243-5457. If you’re leaving a message, speak clearly and make sure you leave your phone number with the area code. If you are calling late at night, please make sure it is an emergency.

It is inevitable that some of you will be arrested and you need to restrain your feelings of guilt, remorse and shame. While you may feel really bad in the immediate aftermath of such an adverse encounter, remember that you still have to practice your profession and earn a living every day of the next year and years to come.

Please be sure to telephone me before you make any decisions about how to defend yourself in the criminal proceeding, termination from employment or other adverse reaction or in particular, before you decide to self-report to HPRP.

Most people do not need intensive substance abuse therapy which consumes all of your free time, is enormously expensive, changes your employment and takes your freedom and dignity.

Millions of people have over imbibed on occasion and modified their drinking and other behavior on their own without the restraints of harsh, compulsive therapy regimes.

In short, be kind to yourself and your family and do not let panic and guilt overwhelm your own natural, self-protection instincts. At the very least, schedule a conference with me and we will examine the pros and cons in your particular case.

I want you to keep your freedom and dignity. There are scores of health professionals I have saved and no one knows they were ever in criminal jeopardy. It is our secret that I will take to my grave.